"Keshav showed me how to instantly get over any low moments during the day."
- Dr Jamie

"I had the most productive week in my life. Your work has helped me see things clearly & get more structured!"
- Diana

"He taught me something I'd never heard of, but can apply to any situation. I'd highly recommend."
- Jiten

"Like a wise old friend - Unlike anything I've ever experienced before."
- Danielle

"He got the measure of me incredibly quickly, and gave some powerful practical tips."
- Rebecca

"Keshav completely changed my mindset. Wow!!! This is different, a new way of thinking!!"
- Shaun

"I went from being unfulfilled & lost to creating dreams I couldn't imagine."
- Tim

"He's coached me to discover self love, set goals that stick, and be OK in any situation."
- Jackie

"It's about getting my muddled thoughts into order - made a big difference."
- Nils

"I had doubts - would it help? But woah. It was the opposite. I've grown so much in 2 months."
- Atif & Leena

"This helped me become a poet & TEDx

- Elaine

"I wanted to be successful, but I was a stressed out couch potato. Now that's changed."
- Wayes

"This had massive, dynamic effect on me. It allowed me to find my why."
- Dominic

"I knew this was the next step I needed to progress. I have clarity now."
- Craig

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