Are You Living Your Best Life and Finding Your Inner Purpose?

Keshav Bhatt life coach Are You Living Your Best Life

Finding your inner purpose isn’t always easy. In fact, is it even something you’ve thought about, apart from fleetingly now and again when you get the vague sensation that there must be more to life than this? Or are you happy to carry on, day by day, doing the same things you’ve always done.

Work, eat, sleep, repeat.

How many of us get stuck on that same treadmill of life, thinking that soon we’ll start living a more meaningful life, next week we’ll shake up our daily routine and start something new, next year we’ll think about actually doing those important things we’ve been talking about.

So who do you think you are when to comes to being on that path to finding your inner purpose? Based on my experience, work, and the research I’ve done over the years, I’ve found there are three distinct personalities at play – read through the following descriptions and think really hard, which category do you think you fall into?

Are you Cast Away?

Sadly, far too many people fall into this category. The cast away folk are disillusioned, possibly depressed, their hearts sinking as they walk into yet another day at the office (or insert relevant place of work here!).

The problem is, they’re so entrenched in this mindset that they just have to accept what they’ve got in life. They’re doing what their education and grades will allow them, they’ve got that good job that should be fulfilling them, so they don’t even think about trying to get more clarity or purpose.

It’s not necessarily the case that they don’t think about what’s meaningful to them, it’s probably more likely they assume that what they’ve got – the job, the commute, the habit of going home to sit (exhausted) in front of the TV – is what’s meaningful to them. They don’t push their boundaries, instead they have an attitude of ‘making the best’ of what they’ve got.

Have they got potential? Oh, I’m sure of it!  But right now they’re wasting it by falling into bad habits and not spending any time doing anything to lift them out of where they are. The drudgery of their daily/weekly/monthly routine means that when they’re faced with something new and unforeseen that threatens to disrupt things, they run through a range of emotions from anger to upset, before calming down and just accepting things not going their way.

Because of course, that’s what they’re resigned to. But if they’re not willing to make changes, they’ll just continue to be unhappy and unfulfilled.

Are you…The Dabbler?

The Dabblers among us aren’t necessarily settling for what they’ve got, even if what they’ve got isn’t great, BUT they’re at risk of falling into the Shipwrecked category if they’re not careful.

They have a rough idea of the direction they feel they could head in, and they’re vaguely on the path to achieving their potential, but there’s too much procrastination mixed in with their productivity. These are the people who are willing to give their time, skills, or money to a cause they believe in, but often in a stop-start kind of a way because they lack the discipline and the inner drive to really make a difference…even though they could if they wanted to.

While their life is OK, and things could be worse, they’re not exactly waking up every day feeling full of joy and fulfilment. They KNOW things could get better, and they have a nagging feeling that there’s something they could do to change that, to improve their lives, but they often lack the confidence to try new things and attempt those big changes.

Are you…The Master?

These are the people with the passion, drive, and determination to make a difference, not just to their own lives, but to the lives of others as well. I’d say they’re a rarity, but not because everyone else is lacking. If you’re not in this category it doesn’t mean you don’t have it in you, all it means is that you don’t yet know how to consistently achieve your full potential.

Notice I said YET – there’s always potential for people to grow and change.

The Masters make a point of spending time working on things that are meaningful to them, be that personal projects, hobbies, businesses, charity work, or whatever else is important to their lives. They live their lives by certain values, and don’t waver from them, no matter what obstacles are put in their way.

These are the people who truly are maximising their potential, and they strive every day to be the best they can be, taking unexpected problems in their stride, and acting in a selfless manner on a regular basis – not because they think they should, but because it’s something that’s become natural to them.

They’re winning in life, but they’re not superheroes with magical powers or this amazing luck that’s been handed to them on a plate – they’re just human, but have certain qualities that many people don’t.

They have clarity of vision, a calm mind, a connection to themselves, they challenge themselves on a daily basis, they’re consistent in their values and goals, and they contribute to society because it’s important to them. They know that while they may be the master today, and maybe even tomorrow, if they don’t keep pushing themselves to be the absolute best they can be, they could very well lose that inner purpose and drive.

So be honest with yourself, do you recognise yourself in one of the three types of people?

Maybe you see yourself as falling in between two of them, and you know if you push yourself just that little bit harder you could become a better version of yourself.

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Are you making your way in life feeling lost and unfulfilled? Do you need help building a more meaningful lifestyle?

Free Online Personality Test

Are you making your way in life feeling lost and unfulfilled? Do you need help building a more meaningful lifestyle?

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