Here’s a question for you…

Since you left school/college/university and started your career, has life turned out the way you really wanted?

My name is Keshav Bhatt, and I’m the founder of Inner Compass.

For the past 6 years, I’ve been working as a professional life coach, writer and as the CEO of a social enterprise called Revolution Hive. It’s been hugely rewarding work and I’ve been able to truly create the path I’ve always wanted to follow - helping people & making a change.

This wasn’t always the case however. I’ve failed a lot on my way here.

It was a struggle for me to fit in at school and university. I loved learning but didn’t engage fully in school. I was a misfit, with many circles of friends but never belonged to one ‘group’. I was (most of the time) a considerate and eager student, but in a school full to the brim with testosterone-fuelled boys, being keen and eager to learn wasn’t cool.

I had so many questions but the one thing I was clear on was I didn’t want to follow the school -> uni -> job path. I wanted to find my own place in the world. One that made a difference. But I was frustrated, I felt lost, and it took me a long time (years!!) to figure things out.

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Unfortunately, things got much worse once I left education and entered the uncertainty of the real world. So much so that I was often experiencing crushing anxiety, and my GP diagnosed me with depression.

Nothing helped or really worked. I threw the meds he gave me away.

At the same time. my relationship broke down and I broke up (quite painfully) with my ex. My life was out of balance, and I was out of control. I was bingeing constantly on TV shows, movies, alcohol and food to try and mask this dissatisfaction.

But deep down, I knew this wasn’t where I was meant to be.

I knew this is no way to live your life.

So after many years, and countless failures, I eventually transformed it to the life I did want to live.

As a coach over the last six years, I’ve spent thousands of hours (AND pounds!), training, learning, studying, coaching, and again and again encounter this very question.

What should I do with my life? And how do I live meaningfully?

Life sucks when don’t know the answer. You’re trapped in this soul numbing dead zone of work, eat, sleep, repeat.

Things feel dull, and all the ideas you have are just dead and dormant. It’s frustrating, you’re certain you don’t want what you have, but you’ve no idea how to change things.

It’s like you’re swiping left continuously on each day, hoping something will change.

It’s safe to say that nobody has ever taught you how to do this. Unless you’ve been incredibly lucky and found yourself a mentor, book, or a course, then you simply don’t have the tools required to break free from this situation.

Finally, I did, but only after a lot of lost time and money.

Looking back, I knew I could have done it quicker, more easily and much cheaper if I’d known the fundamental things to address.

So I decided to setup a blog. That blog transformed into a website, then a YouTube channel, and finally a business that helps people just like YOU unlock their true purpose in life, and easily follow the process that took me many years of learning and testing.

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Inner Compass is a 6 week programme for people just like YOU

Those who devoted their lives to the path they thought they should take, but it just never worked out and are now looking for a proven solution.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out my free quiz here, to find out where you really are in life

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