Free 1 Hour Training: 6 Major Reasons People Live Unhappy & Unfulfilled Lives

What are the most common reasons people end up unhappy & unfulfilled in life? Take my free 1 hour training to find out more. 


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About Me

I'm an accredited life coach & NLP practitioner with over 8 years experience working with people all over the world. You might know me via my popular YouTube channel, where I make videos on self improvement & motivation for an audience of over 54,000 subscribers & 5 million total views.

My life coaching clients know me for sharing brutally honest truths to help them find clarity on how they can move forwards in life. I hope you enjoy reading my stuff on my site!


About Me

Keshav Bhatt life coach About me

I work with people just like you and provide support that truly helps change lives. I help 18-40 year olds who feel lost in the rat race build a more fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle through evidence-based online coaching programmes.

Online Coaching Course:

The Inner Compass Programme

An invaluable 6 module online coaching and training programme, to help you unleash your best self.

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Motivation & Spoken Word Mixtapes


Dead Roots (2016)

Listen to my first spoken word & motivation mixtape - Dead Roots. Released in 2016, it explores themes of toxic masculinity, self love, personal development & social structures. 

Lotus That Blooms Forth mixtape cover

The Lotus That Blooms Forth

Listen to my spoken word & motivation mixtape - released in 2019.
Over 90 mins it covers my mental health journey to finding my purpose & moving towards a better life.

Lotus That Blooms Forth mixtape cover

Blossoms (2022)

Coming soon! Click below to be the first to hear about it.

Client Testimonials:

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